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ITTIA DB SQL Embedded Database

ITTIA DB SQL is an embedded relational database management system for embedded systems and intelligent mobile devices. Products built with ITTIA DB SQL are fast and scalable, running on ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, and x86 platforms.

ITTIA DB SQL is an ideal choice for modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, QNX, ThreadX, Nucleus, μcOS-II, and VxWorks – even with a custom file system and without an operating system. With the ITTIA DB SQL database library embedded in an application, developers can open database files directly on the file system, connect to a stand-alone server, or even run a server within the application itself. Data is accessible through SQL queries and cursor API functions.

Data stored in disk tables is intelligently buffered and logged for high read and write throughput, especially on flash media. Tables can also reside in pure memory storage for high-performance transactional shared access and data distribution. The file format, network protocol, and API are all cross-platform, so data can be accessed anywhere.

High availability is supported through data distribution features, such as synchronous and asynchronous replication. ITTIA DB SQL replication uses a unique peer-to-peer infrastructure that is capable of both centralized and decentralized data distribution. Whether an application is mirroring every update to removable media or transmitting selected changes over an intermittent network connection, ITTIA DB SQL provides assurance that data is where it needs to be when it is needed.

With ITTIA DB Sync Server, data distribution even extends to back-end enterprise databases such as Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server®. This synchronization technology empowers embedded software developers to share, distribute and communicate data stored in ITTIA DB SQL with existing applications and infrastructure.

Evaluate ITTIA DB SQL today!

Developers of embedded systems and devices have discovered the need in today’s development arena for a lightweight relational database to save time and development cost. The result of decades of experience and close working relationships with each customer, ITTIA DB SQL is available to add true value to your application. This is not just a database; it is the story of quality, hard-work, dedication to customer success, and ultimate passion to assist customers.

ITTIA DB SQL characteristics include:

  • Fast: High performance insert, select, update, and delete.
  • Reliable: Automatic crash recovery and integrity checks.
  • Convenient: Pure relational model, SQL, ODBC, ADO.NET, and JDBC.
  • Affordable: Minimal development time and cost.
  • Cross-Platform: Support for various operating systems and architectures.
  • Data Distribution: Replication and enterprise database synchronization.
  • No DBA: No database administrator required.
  • Quality support: Knowledgeable technical staff who care about your success.
  • Secure: AES file encryption, SSL/TLS communications, SCRAM authorization.

Evaluate ITTIA DB SQL today!

    At ITTIA, we take pride in the innovations of our embedded relational database and we are committed to continued innovation in each of our core areas of strength, which assure interoperability and ease of maintainability to our customers. Our unparalleled, innovative offering includes:

    • Standard SQL: A truly relational database model provides developers with all the benefits SQL has to offer.
    • Flexible C and C++ API: Fast, flexible database API that is ideal for environments with limited memory and processor resources. ITTIA DB contains a solid, extensible database kernel that may be embedded directly into the application to ensure excellent performance.
    • Direct Table Access: Read and write tables directly with table cursor API functions. Use indexes to search, scan, filter, and sort rows in application-defined increments.
    • On-Disk, In-Memory, Hybrid: ITTIA DB SQL provides different storage back-ends: memory and file storage offer application developers a trade off between durability and performance. Hybrid ITTIA databases, which use a mixture of memory and disk tables, allow applications to seamlessly integrate both storage models.
    • Performance: ITTIA DB SQL empowers embedded applications through reliable and flexible data management that exhibits excellent performance characteristics under real-world workloads.
    • Small Footprint: ITTIA DB is designed for small footprint environments. Developers can reduce the size to as low as 150K, depending on features and options selected.
    • Robust Shared Access: ITTIA DB SQL supports concurrent shared access, either directly opening the same database file in multiple threads, or using a lightweight server to broker connections.
    • High Availability: Many features of ITTIA DB SQL aid application developers in building both distributed and high-availability systems, including: distributed transactions, table snapshots, synchronous commit, replication on commit, single-master replication on demand, multiple-master replication on demand and online backup.
    • Synchronization: Applications embedded with ITTIA DB SQL can use the ITTIA DB Sync Server to reliably synchronize data with back-end enterprise databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, and MySQL.
    • Supported Operating Systems: Developers can build applications with ITTIA DB SQL for any operating system and any 32-bit or 64-bit hardware architecture.

    Evaluate ITTIA DB SQL today!

    "I worked with ITTIA to develop an innovative home automation device. During development, they treated us like a partner and we very much enjoyed the support they provided. I highly recommend ITTIA DB to anyone in need of a great embedded database solution." Laurent S. – Product Lead – Panasonic

    "By embedding ITTIA DB into our applications, we obtained reliable data exchange between mobile devices operating on multiple platforms and the corporate back-end database. ITTIA has provided us significant support to step into the next level of our mobile solutions." Frank V. – CTO – Conges GmbH

    "In the database world promises are easy, but delivery is a challenge. ITTIA is the first database organization that has supported us to complete our project on time and under budget! A very professional and trustworthy group." John S. – President – Maintenance and Test Engineering

    "I enjoyed working with ITTIA. They always offered great value and could see that every business deal is much much more than 'just a deal.' ITTIA has great character." Marlan W. – Manager – Freescale