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White Paper: Synchronize Device Data with a Back-End RDBMS

Data distribution is a modern trend in data management that allows applications to take advantage of ubiquitous device hardware. In a typical system where data needs to be distributed, data is stored across multiple sites, and each site runs independently. In this white paper, learn how ITTIA DB SQL provides applications with a data replication environment to greatly improve Availability, Reliability, Modularity, Mobility, and Interoperability by synchronizing device data with a back-end RDBMS.

White Paper: ITTIA DB SQL Database for Android Devices

With Android's worldwide smartphone market dominance and the availability of inexpensive high-capacity SD Cards, it is easier than ever to build a distributed network of data-driven applications. This white paper discusses the design implications of database storage on Android devices, including the importance of performance tuning, scalability, and data distribution. Learn how ITTIA DB SQL can add robust data management capabilities to any Android application.

White Paper: Confident Memory Management on Embedded Devices

Embedded software applications face many challenges that are not present on desktop computers. Memory allocation is an important factor for providing the performance and reliability that is necessary on an embedded device. Storing, organizing, and sharing data makes up a large part of the memory requirements for an application. A device application can use an embedded database library to manage memory more effectively, by both imposing bounds on memory usage and analyzing worst-case

White Paper: Breaking the Flat File Barrier for Embedded Developers

Developers face unique challenges when designing and implementing software for custom embedded hardware. Embedded processor architectures, such as ARM and PowerPC, each have unique characteristics. Footprint and performance are especially important, and access to source code for all software components is required

White Paper: Data Management for Portable Media Players

Portable media players have evolved significantly in the decade that has passed since the first digital audio players first gained popularity in 1998. With the amount of storage capacity in portable media players ever growing, software developers must develop new techniques to manage music, video, and image files.

White Paper: Guide to Mitigating Risk in Industrial Automation with Database

Developers and managers often start their projects with a set of questions. What are the important characteristics for selecting an embedded database for an industrial automation system? What can a database offer beyond recovery from power failure, preventing data loss, or reducing flash media wear? What are the hidden costs when selecting an embedded database? In this whitepaper we share how a reliable embedded database, like ITTIA DB SQL,

White Paper: Benefits of Database for Embedded Systems

This white paper discusses the benefits of incorporating an embedded database into applications for embedded, intelligent, and mobile devices. An embedded database library is an inexpensive replacement for flat files that gives applications access to relational database features, such as transaction logging and indexed search, without the overhead of an enterprise database. Applications developed with an embedded database are scalable and protected from data loss by leveraging decades of data management expertise. Finish your application on time and under budget with embedded database.

White Paper: Data Modeling Strategies for Embedded Database

Data modeling is a design technique used by developers to help understand complex problems involving interrelated information. This technique originates in enterprise databases where hundreds of tables can store billions of records.

White Paper: ITTIA DB Database for uC/OS-II

Software development for embedded devices has many unique challenges. Systems can run for years, and, with no easy way to perform maintenance, must be very reliable. To keep cost low, resources such as memory and storage space are usually very limited. Because the exact hardware specifications are known during design, it is possible to build fail-safe software that efficiently utilizes limited resources. To accomplish this, all software on the device must be carefully selected, including the operating system, drivers, and libraries such as database.

White Paper: Comparison of ITTIA DB and SQLite

ITTIA DB SQL is a lightweight database management system designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of embedded systems and devices. SQLite is an open source software library. This white paper examines the performance characteristics and technical capabilities of ITTIA DB over SQLite.