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Database Training Seminar

Rapidly learn the latest technologies to solve real-world embedded and IoT data management problems

Data management is one of the most critical concerns in building embedded and IoT devices as the need for local data analysis is rapidly growing. To succeed in embedded and IoT application development, software developers need real-world knowledge and hands-on experience. ITTIA provides this expertise in both theory and practice.

With our one-day ITTIA DB SQL training seminar, you will learn when and how to add value by embedding a database into an application, explore the fundamentals and features of ITTIA DB SQL, and discuss the RTOS, GUI, file system, and similar tools required to build intelligent embedded and IoT applications.

Meanwhile, developers will embark on an embedded data management journey that will enable them to build a real IoT application. By working hands-on to complete a tutorial application, over four short sessions developers will be exposed to the most important concepts and functionality for device data management.

First Session: How to Begin

Explore the essential ITTIA DB SQL skills for managing data in a local database with and without SQL. Start with simple SELECT statements and learn best practices for transactional program logic to search and retrieve data.

  • Create a database in C/C++
  • Design and initialize a database schema
  • Insert records
  • Query stored values
Enrollment Schedule
Boston April 2, 2018
Austin April 4, 2018
Santa Clara April 6, 2018

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Second Session: Concurrency

Explore techniques for developing multitasking applications that manage data safely and efficiently.

  • Insert and query data in parallel
  • RTOS multitasking
  • Display data with a GUI task
  • Complex queries


Third Session: High Availability

Gain a solid understanding of how to attain high availability with database replication and other data distribution techniques.

  • Replication
  • Data transfer techniques
  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication
  • Configure replication peers on the fly

Fourth Session: Security and Cloud Connection

Learn key concepts and techniques to keep the data safe and secure.

  • Connect device database to cloud services
  • Database encryption
  • Authenticated peer-to-peer replication
  • Secure replication with TLS

Development Tools

This seminar will feature:

  • iWave RZ/G1M-PF development kit
  • RZ/G Linux


The cost for this one day training seminar is US$1000 per developer, unless you have a promotion code. Each developer who completes the ITTIA DB SQL training seminar will become an ITTIA Certified Level 3 Database Developer and receive a free development license for ITTIA DB SQL.

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