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RTI Connext DDS

ITTIA DB SQL and RTI Connext® DDS bring the important elements of data management and connectivity infrastructure into a unified whole. Embedded system and industrial IoT device manufacturers are empowered to reliably collect, store, query and connect embedded data with these fast and flexible software solutions. With the Structured Query Language, SQL, developers have access to a standards-based data management platform that offers great performance, efficient concurrency, and robust data types. RTI Connext DDS software reliably distributes real-time data through simple high-level APIs that comply with the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. Automatic discovery connects devices over a reliable peer-to-peer protocol for which no message broker or server is required. Both products are cross-platform, with support for all major programming languages and operating systems.

Devices use ITTIA DB SQL to analyze historical information while new data is continuously added from DDS in the background. Database tables are automatically created for each topic of data being sent with RTI Connext DDS, enabling SQL queries to be designed and tested without developing any new source code. Software developers then use a variety of operating systems (RTOS) for development and Graphical User Interface (GUI) frameworks, SQL tools, C/C++ interfaces, and scripting languages to access data stored on the device.

    Next Steps

    Please contact ITTIA and request a session with a senior member of our engineering team to rapidly learn about installing and integrating ITTIA DB SQL with RTI DDS on your development target. We will show you our demo, investigate on your data management and connectivity requirements and, and will share our data management know-how.