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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Technical support includes the following services for supported products:

  • 9:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time service window on Monday-Friday (except U.S. holidays)
  • Queued access to a team of product specialists
  • Rapid response time
  • Prompt product problem determination and resolution
  • Customer development efforts continue without interruption
  • Continued relationship eases migration to new versions
  • Personalized, quality customer service representatives
  • Rigorous escalation process to ensure timely resolution
  • Reasonable cost
How do I order technical support?

For more information about obtaining technical support, please contact the ITTIA Sales team.

How do I open a support case?

A designated support contact may submit a request through the technical support request form on ITTIA's website. The support contact must provide contact information and a description of the problem.

The case will be assigned a severity level based on the nature of the problem. If a known workaround exists, it will be provided. Otherwise, the support contact will be given an estimated time frame for further follow-up and resolution and may be asked to supply more information about the problem.

What are the severity levels that can be assigned to my support case?

The severity levels are defined as follows:

The problem is mainly cosmetic or indicates an error in the documentation.
The defect causes an incorrect error code to be returned.
The defect corrupts data, causes a crash, or renders the software unusable for its intended purpose.
Once a customer receives their initial response, how long can be expected for ITTIA to turn around a correction, workaround or otherwise close the case?

It is impossible to determine in advance how long a problem will take to correct or determine a workaround. Case investigation consists of:

  • Recreation of the problem
  • Analysis of the operation
  • Determination that the operation is inconsistent with expected operation
  • Definition, design, and development of corrected code
  • Quality assurance
  • Preparation of a hot fix and/or integration into an official update

Our experience shows that once Customer Support receives sufficient information to recreate the problem, the determination of product inconsistency takes less than a week. Final testing and product packaging typically take less than 2 days. However, the duration for development and quality assurance are highly dependent on each case.