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Technical Services

ITTIA DB Consulting

ITTIA provides consulting services to complement our embedded database product, ITTIA DB. Our expert consultants assist with troubleshooting, benchmarking, and performance tuning. We can also port ITTIA DB to your desired operating system and help migrate data and code from third-party databases. Our goal is to ensure developers the best possible performance and capability when they select ITTIA database.

To find out what ITTIA professional services can do for you, call +1 (425) 462-0046 or contact us on-line.

Data Modeling

Data modeling is often the first step in database-driven application design, where developers first create a conceptual model of how data items relate to each other. This process provides an important foundation for later design and development, influencing both the database schema and application source code organization. The selected data model also impacts an application's ability to meet future requirements through upgrades.

Starting from a simple conceptual model, our expert consultants help customers to develop a highly structured logical model that fully describes data behavior. The logical model is used to build a physical schema that accounts for access performance and storage constraints.

ITTIA offers the following services to assist customers in developing database-driven applications:

  • Project planning
  • Data modeling
  • Schema design
  • Transaction processing
  • Provisioning for future requirements
  • Tuning and optimization

Application Development

As a full-service consulting company, ITTIA handles all aspects of software development — specification, design, implementation, testing, and documentation. Our customers deploy solutions using many different technologies, including both standard and open source components, and we are flexible in selecting technology to work within existing infrastructures. Our consultants are skilled in languages such as C, C++, Java, C#, and PHP, and provide the deep technical background necessary to save customers time and cost.


ITTIA offers comprehensive on-site and online training courses that provide essential database knowledge and skills to give developers an edge in embedded development. Developers learn how to build applications that fully utilize database capabilities, obtaining the maximum benefit from this technology.

ITTIA training is designed to enable you in delivering reliable, high performance, and small footprint applications.

Curriculum includes:

  • Fundamentals of database design
  • Leveraging transactions in an application
  • Type-safe data binding
  • Database tuning and optimization
  • Footprint reduction techniques
  • Error handling
  • Example code using ITTIA DB

To find out what ITTIA professional services can do for you, call +1 (425) 462-0046 or contact us on-line.