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Success Stories

Success Story: Consumer Electronics - Freescale

When Freescale started expanding the SDK for their i.MX233 line of system-on-a-chip hardware, used in portable media players, they recognized the need for an embedded relational database to manage media file metadata. After carefully evaluating the available options, Freescale selected ITTIA DB as the back-end for data storage in their media player SDK.

Success Story: Mobile Fleet

Companies require mobile handheld systems to manage assets, vehicles, sales force, etc. in real-time. The fact that the data is transferred and processed bi-directionally allows customer information, delivery, service calls, and similar data be mobilized. Often these mobile systems improve efficiency and modernize the workflow by eliminating paperwork.

Success Story: Renewable Clean Energy

Managing data for solar electric power production requires a new paradigm. Solar power plants are highly distributed, with each site generating renewable energy. Plants are spread over large geographic areas and are typically managed by off-site staff. Every software development project, including solar power inverter software, has unique requirements: specific performance objectives, reliability expectations, and time-to-market constraints. The increasing requirement for data storage on these devices poses a great

Success Story: Industrial Automation - Wasserbauer

Wasserbauer is Europe's leading specialist in industrial automation for manufacturing robotic feeding systems. Industrial systems from Wasserbauer are designed to significantly increase yields, reduce inputs, or a combination of both through programmable animal feeding strategies. For decades, Wasserbauer has been recognized as the leading specialist in feedings systems for cattle and their embedded systems have dramatically improved animal health care. As a result, animals cared for by Wasserbauer feeding

Success Story: Medical Device - Fresenius

When Fresenius Kabi, the leader in infusion therapy, began planning for a new generation of medical devices, embedded database was identified as an important requirement. Fresenius was looking for robust and reliable data management software supported by a professional company to support their current needs and future application growth. After carefully evaluating a variety of embedded database products worldwide, through careful benchmarking and analysis over long period of time, and considering both the technical and business requirements, Fresenius