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Integration Tools

ITTIA ODBC is an integration tool that provides ODBC access to data stored in many legacy applications. Whether you need data migration or custom reporting, ITTIA ODBC is the ideal solution to access data locked away in applications embedded with Birdstep databases such as Raima Database Manager™, RDM™, Velocis™, db.Vista™, and RDM Embedded™*.

Do you use, or wish to use, industry standard tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports or any other ODBC third-party programs with your application? ITTIA's worldwide ITTIA ODBC customers will testify to the benefits of using this great software and ITTIA's expertise for their projects.


  • ODBC 3 API
  • Read and write support
  • Migrate data to new environments
  • Create custom reports

* Birdstep RDM Embedded™, RDM™, Raima Database Manager™,™, and Velocis™ are trademarks of Birdstep Technology Inc.