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ITTIA DB Editions and Features

ITTIA DB is a family of products for high-performance relational data storage on embedded systems and devices. Each edition of ITTIA DB is specifically designed and developed to meet the requirements of a certain class of embedded systems and devices. ITTIA DB is available in both binary and source code packages.

Feature Compact Standard Plus
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Transaction rollback Yes Yes Yes
Disk tables and file storage
Yes Yes Yes
Memory tables and storage
Yes   Yes
Strongly-typed tables Yes Yes Yes
B+ tree indexes Yes Yes Yes
T-tree indexes Yes Yes
Platform-independent file format Yes Yes Yes
SQL   Yes Yes
ODBC   Yes Yes
ADO.NET data adapter, C# API   Yes
Python APIYesYes
Ruby APIYesYes
Qt driverYesYes
Client/server shared access     Yes
Multi-threaded shared access     Yes
Storage-level locking * Yes Yes
Row-level locking and isolation     Yes
Optimistic online backup * Yes Yes
Hot online backup
*   Yes
Replication *   Yes
AES storage encryptionYes
SSL/TLS pluginYes
SCRAM authenticationYes
Synchronize with SQL ServerYes
Synchronized with OracleYes
Recovery logging * Yes Yes
Dynamic schema alteration Yes* Yes Yes
Encryption callbacks * Yes Yes
Change notification * Yes Yes
Sequences * Yes Yes
BLOB data type * Yes Yes
Unicode data type Yes* Yes Yes
Automatic type conversion * Yes Yes

* This feature can be enabled or disabled in the ITTIA DB source code package. Optional features are disabled in the binary package.